Ray West


Ray West

RAY WEST IS KNOWN FOR HIS FACE MELTING SCREAMS as demonstrated in the popular early 90s underground hard rock band Spread Eagle, known for skull pounding songs like Scratch Like a Cat and Switchblade Serenade.

Soon after, Ray "spread" his musical wings to create more modern compositions in his bands APW and Hostel Inc. as well as writing songs for television shows such as Sons of Anarchy. His first book, Melody to Madness tells the story of how he found his own unique singing voice and shows how any singer can find their own true vocal tone and style.

He currently reformed Spread Eagle and is promoting their third release, Subway to the Stars, as well as fronting the modern metal quintet, Weapons of Anew, known for songs like Killshot and Blood from Stone off their debut release, The Collision of Love and Hate.

The collaboration with Vendera Publishing was due to the fact that Ray is one of Jaime Vendera's all time favorite singers. Not only is Ray an accomplished singer and songwriter, he is also a professional vocal coach and rock star chef to boot.

Learn more about Ray at RayWestMusic.com.




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