Jaime Vendera


Jaime Vendera

JAIME VENDERA is the author of dozens of books, audio programs, and video training programs, including Raise Your Voice, Unleash Your Creative Mindset, SingFit, The Ultimate Breathing Workout, Mind Over Music, The Extreme Scream audio series, The Beyond the Voice video series, and the vocal training app for iOS, TUNED XD.

He owns and operates Vendera Publishing and 711 Press.

Jaime is also the first documented singer on film to shatter a glass by the power of his voice alone, as seen on over 60 television shows worldwide, including, MythBusters, Dr. Oz, The Truth (UpRoxx), and Superhuman Showdown.

He is also a highly sought-after vocal coach, having an uncanny ability to help singers build and release more range, power, and stamina than ever thought possible. Some of his clients have included singers from the bands Dream Theater, Starset, Skyharbor, Palisades, Hinder, Thriving Ivory, I Prevail, and many more touring and recording stars. He also teaches these same methods he developed for more vocal range, power, projection, and stamina through his online school, Vendera Vocal Academy. He lives with his wife, Diane, in Ohio.

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