Robin Gillette


Robin Gillette

ROBIN GILLETTE IS A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS. She has dedicated more than twenty years working with pre-school and elementary kids, at-risk teens, and disabled children. Using her BS in Human Development and Family Relations, she has developed and implemented learning programs and activities for hundreds of children. She has also conducted training courses to instruct and motivate volunteer teachers in the areas of child development, teacher/child relationships, learning centers, social skills, and self esteem improvement.

Interaction with her own son and daughter, as well as young students, has presented Robin with ample opportunities to set up parties and activities relating to a variety of themes and events. She has now transformed her love for creating children's parties into her own unique party creation business to help parents and teachers design and successfully implement parties using the same techniques, food and game ideas that Robin has used for over 20 years.

Her website, "," dedicated to the "Let's Party, Here's How" book series, covers a wide variety of party theme books. Each theme book comes complete with all the tools needed to make a successful party for young and old alike. Instructional videos and links to supplies are also included. So, if you like to party and want to learn how, visit

Her first two books in her Let's Party, Here's How line are full color "how to create your own unique party" books, crammed full of craft ideas, decorations, games, and snacks for the perfect  Hawaiiaan Luau and Halloween party.




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