Vince Inchierca


Vince Inchierca

VINCE INCHIERCA (Ciampi) was born and raised in Revere MA, adopted by his maternal grandparents.

His interest in music started at the early age of four, with instruction in piano, trumpet, percussion, and music theory. By the age of twelve, he was a member of the Revere High School band, playing percussion, singing, and playing bass or keyboards in punk, rock and pop projects.

His music career as a guitarist began in 1987 with Hair Metal band Blue Tiger, who headlined almost every major club in New England from Boston to New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and more.

Having become disenchanted with the direction of music by the the early 90s, he went on to to study engineering, physics, computers, drama, and music. Fifteen years after Blue Tiger disbanded in early 1991, their Internet fan base created a MySpace account, which landed them a record deal with Retrospect Records, leading Blue Tiger to winning the 2007 AAM Glam Album of the Year award in Hollywood, California for their previously unreleased album, Untamed Spirit, which is still available on Retrospect Records in their top seller list.

By 2011, Vince embraced music again by reuniting Blue Tiger for a special performance at Rocklahoma 2011. After taking another year to work through what direction his music would take him, in 2012, while playing the Foxboro Event for the Narcissus Show (a benefit for Tom Brady’s Charity), Vince realized a new vision and formed his new band, Shattered Nitemares.

His musical vision is now focused on writing and recording a new CD with Shattered Nitemares, while also teaching guitar, writing books, and performing. Vince is also a veteran who was also honorably discharged from the USMC. 




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